Creative Stone Products by Rick Alpen

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ArtisStone Hand Carved Concrete Products and Coatings

ArtisStone specializes in carving unique decorative concrete products.  Using specialized tools and techniques along with my own specially formulated concrete mixes allow me to carve concrete into virtually any size or shape. Each stone is formed and tooled by hand, meaning that there are no duplicates or repeated patterns. Due to the light-weight and durability of the product, it can be used in areas where real rock is not an option as well as formed into shapes that would be inconceivable with real rock.


Authentic looking boulders and rock.

  • Fountains & Water Features
  • Outdoor Kitchens  
  • Fire pits
  • Architectural Ruins
  • Themed Projects
  • Spas or Grottos  
  • Columns, Arches & Pillars
  • Entrance Ways & Stairways
  • Number & Address Rocks
  • Logo and Welcome signs
  • Landscape Boulders
  • Rock Formations
  • Planters & Garden Furniture
  • Lighthouses & Inuksuks
  • Wishing Wells & Bird Baths

LimeStone Coatings

ArtisStone creates custom limestone coated products that are virtually indistinguishable from real quarried limestone at about 10% of the weight of the real stone.  This coating is non-flammable, very durable and can be formed into almost any conceivable design. It can be colored with iron oxide pigments to replicate any natural limestone color and tooled to achieve numerous old world limestone effects.  The finished product is a spectacular, authentic looking quarried limestone at a fraction of the cost of the real product.

Spectacular limestone mantels and range hoods, a grand entryway or an old world wine rooms with a double vaulted barrel ceiling! The design possibilities are endless!





Hand Carved Concrete

ArtisStone creates custom hand-carved concrete products that are essentially identical in appearance to authentic stone.  This is not cultured stone or stone cast from a mold, there are no duplicates or repeated patterns.

Using specially formulated mix designs the concrete is formed and carved by hand allowing for to be unique. Due to the light-weight and durability of the product, it can be used in areas where real rock is not an option or where equipment can not access as well as formed into shapes that would be inconceivable with real rock. The end result is a remarkably realistic natural stone-look.


Architectural reproductions,  themes of ancient ruins, a medieval wine cellar, a soothing water feature, a cave grotto or a backyard oasis. It all possible there are no limits!









Cast concrete products 

I use a high strength concrete mix that is cast into custom designed molds made of melamine or in some cases urethane rubber to capture more intricate details. Cast concrete will take on the exact shape of the mold. I can use some specialized techniques to add veining and marbling to give the concrete a rock look. After a curing period the concrete is finished with a sealer for protection.

I use cast concrete to produce products like countertops, vanity tops, outdoor kitchens and some patio furniture.




Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete


GFRC concrete is heavily reinforced with alkali resistant glass fibers to give it superior strength and flexibility. It can be cast or molded much thinner than regular concrete making it much lighter. Because of it's superior strength and light weight ArtisStone uses GFRC concrete for many of the projects I work on.

Glass fiber reinforced concrete can be used to make things like concrete countertops, outdoor kitchens, garden furniture or used as a backing coat for projects like water features or an address boulder.